Summer Festival

Mothering Sunday event

FoR held a special Flower Arranging event for the girls on the eve of Mothering Sunday. The girls made beautiful arrangements with some help from Leoma Harper (year 1 mum). The event was round off by some of the girls organising their own stalls selling cakes and glittered pictures for their loved ones.

Rowan Annual Quiz Night

Christmas Cinema Experience

Just over 75% of the girls at the school attended – the Hall was transformed into the state of the art cinema experience, with the Brae watching Ice-age Christmas Special and the Hill singing along to the Greatest Showman with their friends, whilst Santa’s Grotto and Toadstools parties helped to entertain the little ones.


The fun Halloween Disco for the girls at the Hill.

Parent Football

Well done to all players and spectators involved in the augural FoR Parents football match. On this occasion, the Brae came out on top with a 4-1 victory over the Hill.

Wine Tasting

The wine, canapes, live music and company made for a truly great experience – we finished the night dancing to an impromptu Welsh medley.

wine tasting.png