Friends of Rowan are very happy to be working with local initiative Uniformis to move our second hand uniform sales on-line. Second hand uniform sales through Uniformis will continue to benefit parents and the FOR fund, contributing to facilities and equipment that will benefit our girls.

In addition to the on-line marketplace there will also be two big sales held on-site at Rowan every year (one of which will be on Move Up Day).

I have uniform to sell – what do I do?

There are now 2 options:

  1. You can sell your items direct to other parents via the Uniformis website yourself. You will receive 65% of the sale proceeds and payment will be immediate when the item is purchased. Instructions can be found on the Uniformis website
  2. You can fill out the following Rowan uniform submission form and drop your items (with the form enclosed in the bag) at the Brae or Hill school office every Friday Uniform Submission Form These items will be collected by Uniformis and uploaded onto the website to be sold on your behalf.  You will receive 35% of the sale proceeds which will be credited on your fees invoice the following term (if you have left the school a cheque will be raised or a transfer made via paypal).


There is also still the option on the form to donate all proceeds to FoR.


How do I collect my purchased goods?

  1. If you purchased an item from the website that was sold direct from another parent you can arrange the best way to collect the goods from the seller eg. at pick up.
  2. You can have the items delivered direct to your house (postage fees).
  3. If you purchased items being sold by Uniformis, they will bring the items to Rowan to be collected from the school office.


How do I pay for my items?

Payment is made by card online.

What can I sell?

Only current uniform can be sold so please do not submit any discontinued uniform. Please make sure the uniform is laundered and in good condition. PLEASE ONLY DONATE ITEMS IN A CONDITION YOU WOULD BE WILLING TO BUY! Items with rips or stains will not be accepted as they simply won’t sell.

The following uniform items can be donated but 100% of sale proceeds will go directly to FoR due to the low selling price of such items: purse belts, swimming costumes, red sun hats, winter hats, red gloves, swimming hats, scarves, smocks and music folders. Please do not submit white shirts as they will not sell.


Who do I contact if I have a question?

There is a Contact Us page on the Uniformis website or their email address is